NON-RUNNER in Runcorn? Time to give that old banger the heave-ho? Then you need to scrap it!

Scrap My Car Runcorn is part of the Scrap My Cars family who offer competitive prices for scrap cars and vans in Runcorn and service with a smile.

So if you have a vehicle to scrap in Runcorn why not drop us a line and find out how much you could get for a scrap car in Runcorn. 

If you are wondering if we buy any car in Runcorn we do. We love buying scrap cars. And we also show a scrap car or van a great deal of love when we collect it as we can take it to its next stage in life – putting to good parts to use in other cars.

If you’re wondering how to get best price for a scrap car in Runcorn – you’ve stumbled upon us! We offer higher prices for scrap vehicles in Runcorn than our opponents. 

Why don’t you give us a call and get a quote or type in some detail online and then if you’re happy with the amount our team offer you we will send out a Runcorn driver to pick up you car.

Contact 01204 323144 today!