ROCHDALE road users – yes drivers, we are talking to you. How is that old car of yours?

Is it barely getting you about? Spouting our weird smells and fumes and jerking about all over the place.

Have you recently taken it in for its MOT and your mechanic just shook his head?

Then you need to stop right there and get this thought in your brain instead before you lose any more money: “I need to scrap my car Rochdale way.”

Luckily for you you’ve landed on the right page as Scrap My Cars have scrap car collection agents in Rochdale. We can collect a scrap car for free in Rochdale and you’ll get a great payout at the same time.

If you’ve been wondering, “who are the best payers to scrap my car in Rochdale?” that would be us at Scrap My Cars.

We cover all over the shop in the North West and we are always on the hunt for more scrap cars and scrap vans in Rochdale.

And we like to have the edge over our competitors when it comes to offering you a big-hearted fee for the old girl.

It won’t be the end of the road for scrapping a car in Rochdale when you go with us either. It is new beginnings in fact as we like to recycle as many parts as we can. 

If you have an accident damaged car to scrap in Rochdale or an MOT failure car to scrap in Rochdale or an old work van to scrap in Rochdale just pick up that phone and give us a shout, we’ll gladly help you out in that department. 

Our number is 01204 313144. We have an enormous ATF plant in Bolton and all the lovely scrap cars and vans come here – it’s like one massive car rave-up!

So why not join the party too and scrap your car Rochdale way with Scrap My Cars – you’re always invited!