GOOD people of Liverpool, have you finally decided: “today is the day I will scrap my car in Liverpool, I’m done with that burden on wheels”.

It happens to us all, no car or van lasts forever and they eventually start falling to pieces. You can look after a vehicle and get many years of pleasure out of it, but the truth is if you’re driving a car or a van frequently it’s going to take a bashing. 

Every day wear and tear catches up with every vehicle eventually and if you’re not on the ball with upkeep it can happen sooner rather than later. 

If you car is costing more to fix than it’s value it’s probably time to scrap a car Liverpool people. If that burning question has arisen, “who is best to scrap my car with in Liverpool?”, then you know it is time to call Scrap My Cars.

Scrap My Cars handles scores and scores of scrap cars around the North West. We have collection agents located all around and at the ready to pick up your car when the time has come to scrap it.

So if you’re wondering whether we buy any car Liverpool way, we absolutely do! 

Scrap My Cars has a major ATF plant in Bolton and we dismantle and recycle all kinds vehicles over there from bikes to monster trucks. An ATF is an Authorised Treatment Facility which deals with all scrap vehicles in accordance to government regulations. Only ATFs will take out all the pollutants in a car or van and dispose of them safely. They will then take the parts of a car that could have purpose in another vehicle before crushing the rest so it can be shipped off to build new cars.

When you scrap a car Liverpool with Scrap My Cars you will also get the best payout for a scrap car as we always offer the export value which beats the scrap value hands down. 

So go with the best payers, who also pay attention to the environment – go with Scrap My Cars! 

Contact us today on 01204 323144.