PICTURE the scene; it’s a sunny day in Bolton and you’d love to take a drive somewhere remote to absorb the beautiful weather. You get in the car, turn the key in the ignition and nothing.. she’s given up the ghost completely. 

It suddenly dawns on you: “that’s it I need to scrap my car Bolton way and I need to scrap it now”.

But your car won’t shift, you think, “how they hell do I find the nearest scrapyard to me?” or you’re wondering, “where is the nearest scrap yard in Bolton?”

And then you’re wondering, “how do I get my scrap car to a scrapyard?”

Worry no more, just contact the Scrap My Cars team. We specialise in collecting scrap cars in Bolton and elsewhere around the North West too.

We are a reliable Bolton scrapyard, putting our  customers needs first. And if you have more than one car to scrap in Bolton that’s no issue for us as we can buy fleets of cars at a time also.

Scrap My Cars Bolton, have had over 25 years in the car scrapping industry and we are known also as the best payers for scrap cars in Bolton. 

We put scrap cars to use, selecting the parts that work and recycling them so that they can be put to use to keep other vehicles running.

Sometimes these parts are used for export which means you’re on track to get a really good deal for those old rusty wheels!

So if you’re wondering, “who pays most money for scrap cars Bolton?” or “do scrap yards pay for old cars?” the answer is an absolutely resounding, “yes”!

Don’t worry if your car doesn’t start or it’s been a non-runner for ages and you’ve just let it rot. Scrap My Cars Bolton will want it, no matter what reg, mileage, colour or condition.

Even if you’re thinking, “will I still get money for a scrap car with parts missing?” you’d be surprised when you see the states of some of the scrap cars we buy.

Some have literally been shells, other have had wheels missing, some have even sprouted shrubbery!

Nothing is too shabby when you’re scrapping a car in Bolton with Scrap My Cars.

Why don’t you get an instant quote on our website to find out the value of your vehicle.

If you’re satisfied with our quote, we can collect your scrap car Bolton on the same day and you’ll get an instant payment straight into your bank account. Happy days eh!

The money you make from a scrap car Bolton can go towards purchasing another vehicle, one that’ll run and take you to the scenic places you’ve been craving to escape to. 

Please also note, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are taking all safety precautions ensuring that you, our customer, and our collection drivers are kept safe.

So if you want to ‘scrap my car Bolton’ with Scrap My Cars rest assured we will are sticking to all the safety guidelines.

Our collection agents will not need to come into your house to collect your scrap vehicle, they will simply remove – just leave the relevant paperwork and key in your car.

So if today’s the day to ‘scrap my car Bolton’, then contact Scrap My Cars.