Scrap My Car Blackpool

GOOD people of Blackpool, want to know which scrapyard Towers above the competition? Scrap My Cars, of course!

When the time comes to scrap a car Blackpool – you can count on us.

We have helped thousands of people in Blackpool scrap a car or scrap a van and have given them a belting deal in the process.

The reason our prices are as attractive as the Blackpool Illuminations is down to the fact that we offer the export price for a scrap car – not just the scrap price.

So if you’re wondering, do we buy any car Blackpool.. the answer is so simple; yes we do. Scrap My Cars aren’t a picky bunch, we appreciate a car or van may have seen far better days. It might be embarrassingly high in mileage or rusty to the core. The engine may not even start or the body has taken a bettering over the years.

Scrap My Cars really don’t care about appearance and will buy any car. They will buy an MOT failure car in Blackpool, or if you’re wondering, “who will buy my accident damaged car Blackpool way”, Scrap My Cars wants to hear from you. 

Give us a call on 01204 323144, or enter you vehicle reg, postcode, phone number and where your car has alloys or not and if the engine is running. You’ll get an instant quote for scrapping a car in Blackpool.

We run a network of friendly car collectors who will come and get your car safely which means they’ll be wearing masks and socially distancing. Just have your relevant paperwork and car keys to hand. We suggest leaving them in or near the car. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!