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Standing out from the crowd is something that Newcastle does well, whether it is the infamous Geordie accent, the white and black football shirts or being the greatest host of a half marathon in the world, you can count on Newcastle. But what you don’t want to be noticed for is an old heap of a car. That’s where we come in.
Here at Scrap My Cars, we’ll take your old, embarrassing rust bucket off your hands, regardless if its age, make, model or condition. So you have no need to worry about your reputation, you can choose to scrap my car Newcastle with us, and make the very best price. And we can guarantee the very best service as we have been buying scrap cars from the Newcastle area for over 25 years. Whether you live in Sunderland or South Shields, we will come and collect your car at a time and location to suit you.


We love all cars here at Scrap My Cars, and we have collection drivers out on the roads all over the country, every single day of the week. You can choose the time and location of the collection, and we’ll be there on time, with a wad of cash to pay for your car. What’s more we will never charge for collection, no matter where you are, we’ll collect your car for free. And it is our promise that all the DVLA paperwork will be done for you, so all you have to do is send off the V5, and spend your cash.
If your car has failed its MOT and you don’t want to spend a fortune repairing it, it’s simple. Call the team at Scrap My Cars to scrap my car Newcastle. But you have no need to worry, we’ll never just throw your car on the scrap heap, it will be used from breaking, exporting or sold on for metal. We’re a leading late model breakers yard, and so many of the later models of car are broken for parts. This means that if only one part of your car is damaged, we can sell on the other, and your old car can help somebody else’s car to get back on the road. We also work with exporters from Nigeria, Egypt, Spain and China, to name a few, and each one sets us the task of finding a number of parts and cars, which will be shipped and used abroad. Or, if your car is really damaged or very old, we will de-pollute it and then crush it, and the metal will be sold on and recycled.


All you have to do to get rid of your old car is call the team at Scrap My Cars on 01204 323 144 or fill in the online form to send us a scrap request. When you need to scrap my car Newcastle, there is nowhere better than us.
If you’re based in or around the Newcastle area and need to buy parts, we can do that for you too. We have thousands of used car parts on the shelves, ready and waiting to be sent to you.

We Buy Fleet Cars
If your company is getting a new fleet of Cars, Vans or Commercials, we will buy all your old fleet in a job lot sale. Fill in the form with your company details and we will be in touch within an hour.
Accident Damaged
We are one of the largest commercial vehicle buyers in the UK. We buy accident damaged Cars, Vans or Commercials, no matter how severe the damage is.
MOT Failures
We will buy MOT failures regardless the age of the cars. If you have a commercial vehicle that has failed its MOT, get in touch.
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Scrap A Car For Cash
Scrap a car with us and get the very best prices on all the Cars, Vans, Commercial and Bikes we buy. Regardless of age, make or condition, we will always be the one with the best quote. We find that we can use a lot of cars parts when people come to us to buy second hand cars parts, or we export the parts to various countries throughout the world with a demand for specific parts. This is the main reason we can offer better prices than most of our competitors. If you are having trouble moving your cars, we can also come to collect it free of charge. There are some companies that won't have the right collection truck, however, we have a truck for all vehicles. So if you use Scrap My Cars, we will come and collect it and pay you in cash upon collection.
Professional Buyers
All our buyers have been checked for quality of service and customer satisfaction ratings. We’ve met every single one of them and personally vouch for their expertise.
Comparison Service
We’re the only company in the market that offers a comparison service. Unlike some of our buyer owned competitors, we’re here to get you the most for your vehicle.
Call Now! 01204 323 144
We Should Recycle More - Scrap Your Car For Cash
We are an Authorised Car Treatment Facility, and have even been approved by the Environment Agency to ensure that all cars are de-polluted. When we buy your car, we’ll bring it to the yard and strip it to take out functional spare parts, which will be put on sale to help others get back on the road. The next step is to filter any harmful chemicals from the engine, including petrol, oil and coolant. Finally, the cars will be crushed and the metal can be used to make other cars. So why don’t you help us make the environment cleaner and greener? Get in touch with Scrap My Cars today.