GOOD people of Burnley – are you sick and tyred of your wheels? 

Do you find it a chore and never a pleasure to get from A to B in your chariot? Has the time come where you’re suddenly faced with the prospect: “I need to scrap my car Burnley way”.

Then it’s time to contact Scrap My Cars. We operate all around the North West of England and often much further away collecting scrap cars and vans and paying top notch prices for the privilege.

When you scrap a car Burnley way, it won’t just find its way on the scrap heap, your scrap car Burnley based will actually make it’s way to our head quarters in neighbouring Bolton where we will show it some salvage yard love.

If you’ve been wondering how to scrap a car in Burnley, just get in touch with the Scrap My Cars squad. We can offer you the best price when you want to scrap a car Burnley. We offer the best payout for a scrap car in Burnley and will gladly send out one of our friendly collectors to come and get it. In the meantime you can relax in the comfort of your home.

All it takes is a brief phone call and job’s a good ‘un. You’ll get a quote from our team and if the offer fills you with a joyous sensation, then you know you’ve struck gold with Scrap My Cars!

We want to let you in on a secret; we are able to offer a competitive rate superior to other scrapyards because we can recycle parts in your scrap vehicle. We can export parts of your vehicle too, meaning you get the export value rather than the scrap value. 

You can easily find out how much you could get for your scrap car Burnley by entering a few simple details in our vehicle valuator. Just type in the reg, postcode and your phone number and state whether you have alloys and if the engine is running or not. You’ll get a quote within seconds.

If you like what you see, we can send an agent out to pick up your vehicle in the space of 24 hours. How’s that for service!

Why not drop us a line today on (01204) 323144 and find out about scrapping a car in Burnley with Scrap My Cars.