Where can I scrap a fleet of buses?

Are you the owner of a flagging fleet of vehicles? Say you’ve had a line of buses that have seen better days. They’ve served your company well over the years. Perhaps shifting kiddies about for football practice or just generally helping out in the community. But every bus has its day. The rust comes creeping […]

Sell Ford Transits in Salford

Scrap My Cars are always looking out for more vehicles. Bring us in a bunch in one go if you like. Or we’ll happily come and collect your batch!  Whether it’s a cars, vans or even a gang of motorcycles or motorbikes, we’ll take the lot. You might be Manchester based, or Bolton like us, […]

Easiest Way To Scrap A Car


ARE you staring down the barrel of a loss-making-high-mileage-heap-of- junk, costing an arm and a leg to fix? Is the car-causing anxiety so bad it’s keeping you awake at night because you know you’re throwing dosh down a financial black hole?  Do you feel it’s time to cut your losses, scrap it and use the […]