Sell my used cars near me

Need to sell a motor or two or three, four or many more?! Perhaps you have a lot of vehicles you want to flog?

If you need to sell a fleet or cars or vans then you need to speak with Scrap My Cars .

Yes, yes, we know it’s says ‘scrap’ in our title but actually we buy any cars, any vans, any vehicles – in the collective sense. So if you’ve decided you want to “sell my used cars near me”, please do get in touch.

Perhaps you owned a line of old rental cars. They once served you well, but now they’re knackered. We will buy your old rental cars.

So if you’ve been looking to sell a line of rental cars Manchester way, we will take them off your hands. Or perhap you want to, “sell my used rental vans”, give us a shout. 

Or if you have a line of coaches you want to sell, we will buy your coaches.


You may have been asking yourself, “who buys used coaches near Manchester?”

Perhaps you’re wondering, “who buys used mini busses near Manchester?”

That would be Scrap My Cars. Based in Bolton, we serve the whole of the North West.

You might own some old tour guide busses in Blackpool, for example. We will buy them from you.

So if you’ve been looking to sell a line of used minibusses Blackpool, Scrap My Cars want to hear from you. Or you’re searching to “sell a line of used taxis near me”, contact us. 

You might have a fleet of taxis to flog us. If you want to sell my old taxis Blackpool, for example, contact us today.

The number you need is 01204 323144 or contact us online

Either way we will be delighted to hear from you.

And of course, if you only have one car to sell or scrap we can assist you with that also.

So whatever your needs, get in touch with Scrap My Cars today.

And if you have scrap metal to sell please contact JAW Metals. Paying the best prices for all grade of metal.