Where can I scrap a fleet of buses?

Are you the owner of a flagging fleet of vehicles?

Say you’ve had a line of buses that have seen better days.

They’ve served your company well over the years. Perhaps shifting kiddies about for football practice or just generally helping out in the community.

But every bus has its day. The rust comes creeping in and things stop working. And general tattiness from wear and tear comes home to roost.

When that happens, it could be time to scrap your fleet of busses. But where would you go?

To Scrap My Cars, of course!

Scrap My Cars specialises in buying fleets of cars, buses, vans, minibusses, plant machinery. You name it, we buy it. 

So if you’ve been searching to scrap my fleet of buses. Or you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap a fleet of buses?’ then let us help you.

We can offer you the best price for your line of old vehicles. 


Maybe you’ve had a line of work vans and they need replacing. Then come to Scrap MyCars who will buy your old line of work vans.

If you’ve been wondering, “where can I sell a line of old work vans?” contact Scrap My Cars.

You can call us directly on 01204 323144 or even chat to us online.

In the past we’ve bought fleets of old Hackney taxi cabs.

We’ve purchased lines of old regular taxis. We’ve taken away a bunch of old mini buses.

There isn’t a fleet we won’t touch.

Hey, you could be a farmer and have a load of farming plant machinery you want to sell on.

Not a problem for Scrap My Cars, just pick up the phone and let’s strike a deal.

You see, we will do our utmost to recycle as much as possible of your old fleet.

So you can go home with a fatter wallet and the knowledge that your actually helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Scrap My Cars is a registered ATF (authorised treatment facility) so we follow strict government guidelines and operate as greenly as possible. 

Why not take advantage of Scrap My Cars today and call us on 01204 323144.

And if you only want to scrap a single vehicle then contact The Scrappers. They pay the best prices for scrap vehicles.