Sell Ford Transits in Salford

Scrap My Cars are always looking out for more vehicles. Bring us in a bunch in one go if you like.

Or we’ll happily come and collect your batch! 

Whether it’s a cars, vans or even a gang of motorcycles or motorbikes, we’ll take the lot.

You might be Manchester based, or Bolton like us, or perhaps just down the road in Salford.

So if you’ve been wondering ‘how do I scrap my cars in Salford’ the great news is it’s never been as easy! 

To scrap my cars in Salford, for example, get in touch with Scrap My Cars. We cater for all over the North West too. So if you’ve got a fleet of old taxis in Blackpool, Scrap My Cars wants to hear from you. You may be wanting to “scrap a fleet of taxis Blackpool” great stuff, we’re in! 

Or let’s get to Salford for a moment,  will get you the best rates to sell cars in Salford. This means you will have something to show for those wheels. And let’s face it, what a great time to sell or scrap – just before Christmas. 

So if you sell cars in Salford you can take the hassle out of transportation. As Scrap My Cars can come and collect. 


We can come and collect at a suitable time and we will do all the legwork.

Payment for your old fleet of vehicles will go directly into your bank account. So you can save that bundle of joy cash for the festive season. 

When you sell a fleet of cars in Salford or scrap a fleets of cars in Salford it will be taken to an authorised treatment facility. That’s an ATF for short. It’s a place where your vehicles will be dismantled in a proper and safe manner. This means you’ll be handed a certificate of destruction.

A certificate of destruction is vital because it’s the legal proof that you’ve scrapped your fleet of cars or vans responsibly to government standards. 

Only ATFs are scrap and breakers yards audited by the Environment Agency. This ensures everything is done safely and right and that laws and regulations are being followed. 

It also means you can relax knowing that you’re not just getting the best price for your car, van, or any other vehicle, but the best service too. And you can also get free vehicle pick-ups meaning disposing of your fleet of cars has never been so simple. 

So if you want to sell Ford Transits in Salford, or any other vehicles get in touch. 

Scrap My Cars have a dignified and dependable network of agents all over the region ready to collect your fleet or cars or vans. 

For more information call 01204 323144 or go online and get a quote for your fleet in seconds. 

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