Scrap My Taxis

CALLING all cab owners, are you holding a fleet of crumbling taxis that are rank?!

Where to scrap my car
You could spend hours searching with the term ‘Where to scrap my car’ but you could quickly find the best scrap car price by contacting Scrap My Cars first.

Replacing your primitive line with brand new, but can’t for the life of you think what to do with the old lot? 

Then contact Scrap My Cars – leading buyers of unwanted fleets of cars who are always about paying top prices. 

We’ll take the hassle out of shifting a job lot by scrapping cars the easy way. You don’t have to lift a finger except for when you pick up the phone or get in touch via our website.

We can give you an instant quote for one vehicle or a multitude of them and guarantee that you’ll get a prime offer too. 


Scrap My Cars have been in the car scrap and salvage game for over 25 years and we appreciate that even though you might be finished with your vehicles, we make a fresh start on them. 

This is because we are able to strip the bare bones off a motor and salvage the decent parts to be reused in cars that are still operational.

We often export parts which gives us an even further edge in the fee we can offer you.

And we are thoroughly kitted out when it comes to collection transportation, no job is too big or small.


We’ve bought old buses, farming vehicles, old Hackney cabs, even tuk tuks! 

If it’s made of metal, it’ll be in fine fettle with Scrap My Cars!

A lot of garage owners tend to contact us and scrap the cars that have been hanging around in their workshop that they no longer need. 

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and causing little or now disruption is removing old vehicles. Scrapping a car or van should never pose as a stressful issue. 

We run a tight ship here, meaning we are usually able to collect your fleet of cars or vans within 24hours of agreeing a deal.


And because we are an ATF – Authorised Treatment Facility you can take as gospel that when we take your cars they will be treated accordingly, adhering to legislation and environmental safety guidelines. 

We are a vehicle scrap and salvage company you can depend on.

You might be toying with the notion: “how to quickly sell a fleet of cars” Or you might be wondering, “who buys old work vans?” or “who scraps buses?” You might be saying to yourself “scrap my taxis”. So if you’re being hounded by the stress of getting rid of a bunch of vans or cars, dwell on this issue no longer. 

Just get in touch with Scrap My Cars and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, as we offer instant payment too.

Talk to a member of our helpful team by calling 01204 323144. Or try out our vehicle valuator and get a fast no obligation quote. 

And if you have any queries, we are always happy to chat and answer your questions.

Don’t forget, you can call us on 01204 323144 or go online and chat via the fancy pants modern way! We have a vehicle quote box, you see.

Scrap My Cars – going above and beyond when it comes to scrapping cars. 

And if you have scrap metal to sell, why not contact JAW Metals. They pay the best prices for all grades of metal.