Scrap My Cars offers a UK-wide scrap car network

If you are looking to get the best price for your unwanted vehicle, then you need to contact Scrap My Cars who offer access to a UK-wide scrap car network.

If your car has reached the end of its life, or it’s too expensive to repair, then you need to get in touch and the team will offer the best price for your car – and also for your van, bike or commercial vehicle.

It’s for this reason that we say customers should not sell their car for scrap, but sell it for spares instead because we meet strong demand from customers in the UK and overseas for used spare parts.

This means that we export our recycled vehicle parts around the world so we can pay more.

scrap car network
Accessing a scrap car network to get the best scrap car price is easy with Scrap My Cars.

We buy scrap cars

We buy scrap cars and will then recycle as much of the vehicle as is possible and while car scrapping may not enter your mind because your old car may have some life in it, it might be a good idea to scrap it for cash.

It also brings peace of mind that your car will not be allowed to rust away on a scrapheap, or even be crushed into a cube of metal without most of it being recycled first.

Along with spare parts, we also recycle the engine and as much of the metal and plastic as is possible for use in other industries.

We also ensure that the harmful fluids and oils that could harm our environment are also carefully removed.

Scrap My Cars is an authorised treatment facility

That’s because Scrap My Cars is an authorised treatment facility which means we are monitored and licensed by the Environment Agency for recycling vehicles.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have become one of the UK’s largest commercial vehicle buyers.

The team also buys accident damaged cars, commercials and vans regardless of how severe the damage may be. They also take MOT failures.

Scrap My Cars is also known as a leading late model breakers yard so we are particularly keen on new scrap vehicles as well.

The main point to appreciate is that regardless of the age of your scrap car, van or commercial vehicle, then the team will offer the very best prices available and arrange to pick up your vehicle at a time that suits you.

UK-wide scrap car network

The team has access to a UK-wide scrap car network with reputable agents available for picking up your car from your home or work and paying money instantly into your bank account when doing so.

If you would like to know more about the UK-wide scrap car network that Scrap My Cars has then get in touch with the friendly team today and find out how much your unwanted vehicle is worth on 01204 323144.