Need to ‘Scrap my car near me?

If you are searching for a way to ‘Scrap my car near me’, then we urge you to stop looking because Scrap My Cars will come to you!

Not only will they offer the best prices but they use a UK-wide network of reputable and friendly agents to pick up your car at a time that suits you.

This is not only a convenient way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle, but they will pay good money for it as well.

One reason why they are prepared to pay the best prices for a scrap vehicle is that they will recycle as much of the car as possible for spare parts, including the engine, to meet strong demand from buyers in the UK and overseas wanting used car parts for sale.

 'Scrap my car near me'
Why waste time searching for ‘Scrap my car near me’ when you can get the Scrap My Cars team to come to you!

Scrap My Cars will recycle your vehicle effectively

In addition, Scrap My Cars will recycle your vehicle effectively so that as much of the plastic and metal content will be removed and used by other industries and the team will also ensure that the harmful oils and fluids are safely removed too.

This last point is particularly important because reputable scrapyards are monitored and licensed by the Environment Agency and are known as authorised treatment facilities so they have the expertise to remove pollutants and to abide by health and safety laws.

This could be an important point for many people wanting to scrap an unwanted vehicle and you should be wary about unlicensed scrapyards offering cash to buy your vehicle since they cannot, unlike an authorised treatment facility, offer you a certificate of destruction for your vehicle which proves you have disposed of your vehicle legally.

In addition, the other big issue is that you will be held responsible for anything that happens to your car or van after dealing with an unlicensed scrapyard whether it’s racking up speeding tickets or it has been dumped on a verge and is leaking oil.

It is best to deal with a professional organisation that not only pays the best price, but will organise a pick up at a time to suit you.

Get a better price for a scrap vehicle

This opportunity of not having to use a scrapyard that’s close by means you may get a better price for a scrap vehicle and be reassured that it will be recycled professionally and effectively.

The Scrap My Cars site has a free online valuation tool to deliver an instant quote but there’s no obligation for you to sell your scrap vehicle to the team.

If you do, they will arrange collection and then for your vehicle to be taken to an authorised treatment facility for processing.

The bottom line is that Scrap My Cars is a professional operation that buys vehicles regardless of their condition or age, including accident damaged vehicles, for them to be stripped for spare parts.

If you need to know more about how to ‘Scrap my car near me’ and to access the best scrap car prices, then you need to speak with Scrap My Cars team today on 01204 323144.